Monday, 29 January 2018

Our 2018 Visitor Guide

Our 2018 North Yorkshire Visitor Guide is available now!

Following on from last year's excellent and well-received publication, this years is again compiled and produced by our talented IT & Social Media partners, Blue Box Support.

The Guide is a beautiful A4, glossy publication and it is already finding pride of place in Tourist Information Centres across the country.

The Guide offers a feature on the stunning and world-famous Castle Howard, which also adorns our front cover.

Other features include an extensive look at the life and career of Peter Walker who, under the pen name of Nicholas Rhea, was responsible for the series of "Constable" books that later became the hugely successful, and still very popular, TV series, Heartbeat.

We look at Community Policing in our County with Ruth Pearson who is a PCSO based in Skipton, the beauty that is the Yorkshire Dales, the art of Ian Scott Massie who exhibits his work at the gallery in Masham and we mustn't forget Keith Pickering, the Stick Man of Helmsley who, amongst many notable commissions, created the stick made famous by the title character of the two successful Nanny McPhee films.

We are convinced our Guide will stand proud on the shelves of TICs across the Country and it's already being viewed across the globe in electronic format.

Don't miss out!